About Lisa Marie

As a little girl she had a passion for fashion! Most days it didn’t match. For her it was about the fabrics, the combinations, the feeling it gave her when she put it all together and creating her own style. The crave for fashion grew as she became older. Finding old clothes in mom's closet, cutting them and re-sewing them by hand because she loved the fabric but didn't care for the design. (Sorry mom!) She never could wait for the beginning of the school year, she knew that new clothes were around the corner ! She would circle styles in the catalog that Grandma had saved for her. (Grandma would always give in to buying her the clothes she wanted!) That is what excited her most about the beginning of the school year!

Highschool came around and fashion was still her passion. But reality became real when she realized she didn’t know what to do with it and the next steps to take. She found other paths of interest that seemed more obtainable. So off she went to beauty school. After sometime she lost interest. It was fun, but the passion wasn’t there. Not enough to keep at it. Off to nursing she tried! - It wasn’t for her. Then real estate classes... it just couldn’t hold her interest. She found happiness in retail. Unpacking shipments and styling the stores! The shifts flew by and she never dreaded going to work! It was fun! She was in her element. But she still wanted more &  needed more! The pay wasn’t great and bills became a thing. She wasn’t afraid to work hard! So off to serving tables, while going to college part time, and juggling an office job became her mix. Life was moving fast!

Years went by and along came her husband! Then two beautiful boys! Life was so perfect!  Before she knew it she was homeschooling during a pandemic. She became a kindergarten and first grade teacher at the exact same time. Although it was hard, they all got through it :) ! Her kids are in school full time now and she has a new journey!



She came back to her roots and knows what makes her happy! She loves her family so deeply and wants to make them proud and inspire them to always follow their dreams! So here she is! Not afraid to work hard!

After much time and research, she has partnered with an amazing team and warehouse in the USA that is prepared to check/package and ship orders so that she can focus on choosing beautiful styles, getting to know her customers, and marketing her new baby business! You can also find her at pop up shops!


Xoxo - Lisa Marie